Friday, November 27, 2009

Best man, or Man’s best friend? By Annabel Heydorn

Having pets in weddings has become very popular this year. In fact, Nico Designs has even had the pleasure to work with some wonderful couples and their furry friends in creating some of the most spectacular and heart-warming weddings. After all, for pet-lovers, their dogs, cats, or birds may be just as important as any other member of their family- why wouldn't they want them to be included on their most special of days?

I did some research and have found some other websites that talk about pets in weddings as well as some canine fashion for all kinds of special occasions. As a dog lover myself, I could not think of a more fun-loving guest to have at a wedding!

Sources: or Do Not? Dogs in Weddings
Here Comes the Pooch: Including Pets in Wedding Ceremonies-- NY Daily News

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