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What moron decided that dessert should'nt be first??!! - Nico

For those of you who know me, know about my huge sweet tooth. My luck , I'll end diabetic or something.. Anyway I wanted to send some BLOG LOVE to my dear dear friend, Jessica Foster of Jessica Foster Confections. Jessica is AMAZING and her chocolate truffles are to DIE for. I had the unforgettable chance to spend an afternoon with Jessica in her kitchen. She fed me samples as I watched her, (covered elbow to elbow in chocolate) go through the several step truffle making process. Jessica, puts her heart and soul into each dainty delicious treat and you can taste it in every single bite. Her chocolates are a perfect favor for your wedding guests and her "favor" presentation is ADORABLE! She will match the ribbon and the box to suit your wedding theme.You'll find unique flavors like "White Chocolate Rose" and "Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Apple" I just LOVE HER!! Check out her website at

I'M IN LOVE by jasmine schoch

An Unforgettable Love Story

I came across this marriage tale as I was browsing my friend Susan Schneider's web page. Susan is the author of "Unforgettable: Vignettes of Love," a book filled with personal accounts of engagement and wedding stories from around the world. Besides being an accomplished writer, Susan also works with numerous wedding photographers, offering to eloquently type up the couple's love story so it can be placed in their celebration album along with the other event photos.

Enough about my brilliant friend Susan and on to the most wonderful love story I have heard since Cinderella.
The tale is about Pam and Paul, as told by Pam. They were married in 2004 in Harrington, Delaware. She was 44; he was 38.

A fairytale is a fictitious, highly fanciful story. Our story of how we met is very true and very real even though it culminated in a fairy tale happening. My last name is “Galyean”, and I was married to a wonderful man named Dan Galyean before he died in 1996. I have a daughter and a son. In 1999, my son finally talked me into buying a computer and stepping into the 20th century. When I setup my email account, under the name of 'pgalyean', I was told the name was already being used. I thought to myself, “Now how many 'pgalyean's' can there be in the world?

I wrote to this person, asking who he was and if we could be related in some way. The person who wrote back was named Paul Galyean, and he lived in Arizona. We sent emails back and forth for a few months, finding out about each other and trying to figure out if he was somehow related to my late husband's family.

As it turns out, Paul's stepfather adopted him when he was 18, and Paul took his last name, “Galyean”. Paul told me he had three children and was separated. We not only had the same last name given to us by special men, but we each had a son with the same name, Michael. Too weird.

We sent emails to each other every now and then after I had to change my email address since Paul had 'taken' mine. We lost touch for about a year when I heard from him in a strange way.

When I setup my Yahoo account in February 2001, there was a name I didn’t recognize in my friend's list. When I instant messaged this person, I learned it was Paul again, using a nickname from school. I learned Paul had moved back to his hometown of Dallas, Texas and was now divorced. We started chatting and I learned that his stepdaughter had recently passed away. I was writing a term paper for my psychology class about the stages of grief, and I was able to offer my help to him and his youngest daughter. Having experienced grief myself, I was able to tell him and his daughter what emotions to expect. We formed a very close bond through this experience. We began to send each other emails every day, and we chatted almost every night on the computer and occasionally on the phone. Finally, after three months of talking every day, I decided to take the next step. I asked Paul if it would be okay for me to come to Texas to meet him. He said of course. I knew I was taking a lot of chances. Some might have thought this a stupid idea, but something told me that I needed to do this; that this guy was special.

We planned on marrying and had heard of a contest being run by the Delaware State Fair. It asked couples to submit a unique “fairytale story” to win a fairytale-style wedding. We entered the contest. The day of the winning announcement came and we dressed hoping that someone would be at our door between the allotted hours. No one showed, so we figured we lost, changed into grungy clothes and started doing household chores. While changing the toilet in the bathroom, we heard the doorbell ring. We opened the door and were shocked to see a TV crew standing there to surprise us with balloons and an envelope with the appropriate paperwork to give us a fairytale wedding! We were thrilled!

On our wedding day the groom and wedding party were escorted in horse-drawn carriages, and my father and I arrived in a horse-drawn pumpkin carriage – just like Cinderella! We were married on the fairgrounds, during one of the largest events in Delaware with everyone celebrating with us.


Schneider, Susan. "Unforgettable: Vignettes of Love." 29 May 2009. For book information please contact Susan at

It was a "Pure Joy"

Last night I had the privilege to join my fellow event colleagues at a grand celebration at Pure Joy Catering, honoring their two newest event managers , Toby and Patrick! I had the best time. They graciously served us mango margaritas (I had too many..), Wine and delicious passed hors d'oeuvres. We got to hang out in the kitchen as Chef Jerry served us right out of the oven, in their beautiful new building! Lynette La mere, (owner) has truly made her mark as a business women and her love for food and people generously shines through. Personally, I just love the heck out of her!!!! Pure Joy's buffet presentations are always so beautiful, and as a designer I always appreciate it. Please visit Pure Joy on the web at and set up an appointment, you will NOT be disappointed.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sometimes I just don't understand

Courtney Here -

Nico wanted me to blog about something that I hate about the wedding industry. Seriously, don't get me started, there are many many things.

But let's start with something I really just don't understand.

This denim wedding dress from Sat'n Spurs. ( They have a whole line of western bridal wear & accessories, including lots of denim. Some of their stuff is really hideous, but they do have some cute stuff mixed in.

I actually think this dress is kinda interesting. I can see a funky bride totally rocking it (slightly tongue in cheek of course) with a cowboy hat and boots at a casual ranch wedding. Sometimes the big poofy beaded white princess dress just doesn't work. Beach weddings, ranch weddings, intimate ceremonies at the courthouse, etc. require a different look than a big formal event. Now to wear the denim dress in a cathedral or a ballroom - not such a good idea.

So, what don't I understand? The freakin' styling! Why oh why would you add white satin gloves, a parasol, a purse, AND a hat/veil to this dress? And it's not that the photo is dated (which it appears to be), it's just the horrible combination of formal and casual makes it look even MORE awkward.

Trying to style the dress into looking more formal completely ruins the look. It already is a denim dress with embroidery, a corset, and a poofy skirt - a parasol is really not needed.

Flower Power: Muppet Gerbera Daisies

Nico Here.. Okay I think this week is "cheap" flower week or something.... Well, it has been on my mind as many of my clients are watching their pocket books (like everyone else). I'm obsessed with these fun textural colorful gerbera daisies that are called "muppets". These inexpensive flora are perfect if you're looking for bold color and texture on a "dime". If you're wedding theme is more on the "romantic" or "classic" lines, these might be great for your rehearsal dinner or day after brunch if you're not looking to spend a lot. I think they are super cool. Check them out, Id love to hear your thoughts.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Nico says, OK I know this is super Passe, but I've wanted to Blog about Fergie and Josh's wedding for awhile now. Check out this over the top one million dollar, covered in roses, draped in Dulce and Gabbana, 375 guest, blinged out, media hyped event!! I kind of hate the Bridesmaid dresses.. 1989 called and wants their BM dresses back!! The ceiling covered in twinkly lights is pretty hot, I do have to say. What do you think???

I heart the back of her dress, I think its fierce!!

Tattoo Ring????

Nico Here! Soooo, I was speaking with a florist friend of mine who is recently engaged who wanted a tattoo ring instead of a real one. (and when I say real, I mean real.) As florists we ALWAYS have our hands in buckets of water and she has a HUGE fear of loosing her ring. I had never heard of a tattoo ring before and to be honest this concept kind of scares me. The above picture is of the hands of underage mother Bristol Palin and Ex Hunk hockey player/deadbeat father levi Johnston. What do you think? I say, forget the ink, and COUGH up the DIAMONDS!!!!!

OLD NAVY Flip Flops

Ok, I have to be honest, I am not a HUGE fan of Old Navy, but I LOVE LOVE their flip flops. Oh and can I also say they are $3.80????? Yes, yes they are. Screw favors, get your guests a pair of comfy flip flops to "bop" around S.B in. Especially for those of you who are having a beach ceremony, put a bunch of colorful flip flops in a large galvanized bucket by your ceremony area and instantly add comfort to your wedding. I have no idea why these cheap flip flops are so comfy, but they also come in awesome colors and I think their FABO.

Flower Power : Dahlias!!!!!

Hey Fabulous people!! As a floral expert (I think I can give myself that title, riight?) I would like to share a little summer secret that is easy on the pocket book. One of my fave flowers is the Dahlia, it comes is so many awesome shapes and colors and is very inexpensive. If you are a blushing summer bride then these fluffy colorful blooms will create a bold and awesome statement for your centerpieces. I wouldn't suggest them to be added to bouquets and boutonnieres as they like like to be in water;) Dahlia up your wedding!!


Hey HEY!! Nico here. I'm finally blogging after my FABO FEROSH wedding at The Parker in Palm Springs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hotel and I can't wait to post pics from Jeannie and John's wedding this past weekend. Enjoy these wonderful photos of the hotel. I want my wedding here, but considering I have a HUGE Irish/Mexican family I will probably have to have it at the Elk's Lodge or a high school auditorium. This site fits up to 150 (comfortably) For more Info go to See for yourself! Kisses!!

GIRLY NOTES by jasmine schoch

Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes

In addition to my last post, here are a few more ideas of how to add that special bling to your wedding shoes...

Images from:

Monday, May 25, 2009

GIRLY MONDAYS by jasmine schoch

On a Personal Note

I recently attended a wedding in which two great friends of mine finally tied the knot. The bride has always been a very crafty individual and thus had a strong desire to add a personal touch to her wedding in, what I thought, was a very unique and beautiful way. Instead of spending a large chunk of her wedding budget on the perfect shoes and bridal lingerie, the bride made a simple and cheap trip to Michaels and bought bedazzle gems to upgrade her wedding items :-) She added beautiful strands of gems to her sandals, giving them that extra touch without spending a fortune on them. Furthermore, the bride also bedazzled her undies with the words 'I DO,' which I thought was also a darling idea.

In a nutshell, if you want to add that special touch to your wedding wardrobe, but would prefer to save the budget for the flowers or cake, a short trip to a crafts store will provide you with all you need to personalize everything from your shoes to your lingerie :-)

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'M IN LOVE by jasmine schoch

Love on a Whim

For my first I'M IN LOVE blog I decided to share the love story of two wonderful friends of mine that have been married for many, many years now....Clara Minor and Dio Santiago worked side by side at Hewlett Packard in Mountain View, CA and never gave each other a second glance until one fateful day in October of 1972. A late night dinner was followed by three hours of conversation over a cold glass of beer in a restaurant with peanut shell covered floors, as Clara and Dio slowly began to realize that there might be more to their new found friendship than they thought.

Empty glasses of beer were left behind on the bar as the couple headed out for a relaxing drive up Skyline Blvd, a road that runs from Saratoga to San Francisco. The pleasant drive ended on a high peak in Palo Alto, where Clara and Dio found themselves gazing over the whole bay area, which brightly lit up the dark night sky. After enjoying the spectacular and romantic evening view for a couple of long hours, time finally came back into play, as Clara cleverly suggested that Dio spend the night at her house, reasoning that her place was closer than his :-) Dio gladly agreed, which ultimately marked the beginning of his 'extended stay' at Clara's house and their lives together.

Six months later, the happy couple was ready to begin their life together. Whereas an engagement may seem like the next step to take, Clara and Dio decided to test their love for each other in a rather unconventional way and made a commitment to leave their California lives behind and hitch hike their way to Alaska together! This daring journey strengthened their growing relationship and allowed Clara and Dio to realize that they were fully committed to each other and their common dreams and aspirations.

Although their life in Alaska was adventure filled and allowed them to start their family with the birth of their daughter Jessica, it wasn't until after the young family relocated to California and welcomed their son Rio that Clara Minor and Dio Santiago officially tied the knot in December 1985. The wedding was held in their California based martial arts school. that literally came as a surprised to all of their guests, who thought they were attending an appreciation celebration :-) I suppose good things can come in bigger packages after all...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goodbye Spring Hello Summer

This is a wedding I designed at Roblar Winery in Santa Ynez. Joanna and Cooper were such an amazing and beautiful couple. I was very honored and blessed to be a part of their special day. The day was full of beautiful spring floral such as peony, ranunculous, hydrangea, roses, and camellia. I would like to thank the my fellow vendors who were just FAB! Coordinator, Maren Parson, of Maren Parson's Events was SUCH an amazing pleasure to work with. She has style, grace and good face.:) She is also organized, cool, calm and collected- I just LOVE HER!! She also bought us snacks and water to knosh on!! Beta at and her awesome staff at Roblar, Great food and SOOO accommodating. Last but certainly not least, Miss Jasmine Star, an awesome photographer and SUCH a sweetheart!. Please Enjoy her breathtaking photos of the event!