Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sometimes I just don't understand

Courtney Here -

Nico wanted me to blog about something that I hate about the wedding industry. Seriously, don't get me started, there are many many things.

But let's start with something I really just don't understand.

This denim wedding dress from Sat'n Spurs. ( They have a whole line of western bridal wear & accessories, including lots of denim. Some of their stuff is really hideous, but they do have some cute stuff mixed in.

I actually think this dress is kinda interesting. I can see a funky bride totally rocking it (slightly tongue in cheek of course) with a cowboy hat and boots at a casual ranch wedding. Sometimes the big poofy beaded white princess dress just doesn't work. Beach weddings, ranch weddings, intimate ceremonies at the courthouse, etc. require a different look than a big formal event. Now to wear the denim dress in a cathedral or a ballroom - not such a good idea.

So, what don't I understand? The freakin' styling! Why oh why would you add white satin gloves, a parasol, a purse, AND a hat/veil to this dress? And it's not that the photo is dated (which it appears to be), it's just the horrible combination of formal and casual makes it look even MORE awkward.

Trying to style the dress into looking more formal completely ruins the look. It already is a denim dress with embroidery, a corset, and a poofy skirt - a parasol is really not needed.

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