Monday, June 8, 2009

GIRLY MONDAYS by jasmine schoch

The Curls of Summer

Whenever the warm summer months come around, so do the natural looking bridal hair styles. It seems to me that summer brides are falling more and more for soft waves and unfussy updos. Here are some ideas for all of those summer brides who want to catch the carefree and uncomplicated ambiance of summer with a fun and simple hair style.

Loose Waves
“Tousled hair looks effortless, but this style does require some work,” says Monzon. Apply a thickening mousse to towel-dried hair and spray a volumizer just at the roots to keep hair from falling flat, and then blow dry using a round brush, lifting up at the roots for body. Let your part fall naturally—but aim for it to be 2-3” deep and lined up just after the start of the eyebrow. Take 1.5” wide sections and wrap them around a 1” barrel curling iron starting halfway down the section. Do your entire head and then shake the waves out with your fingers—don’t brush. Rub a dime-sized dollop of Kérastase Crème Nutri-Sculpt between your palms and gently run them along the waves from roots to ends to smooth frizz; spritz hair with a light setting spray to keep the waves from falling out in seaside humidity.

Half-Up Hair
The perfect adaptation of the summer downdo maintains length while keeping strands away from the face. Start by applying a quarter size amount of a styling cream on damp hair and blow dry with a round brush. Wrap 2” wide sections around a 1” barrel curling iron starting halfway down the section; curl the entire head and then shake out with your fingers. Back comb the roots of the underside section of the top half of the hair—in front and on the sides above the ears—for volume; then separate the top half from the bottom half. Loosely gather the top half to the center of the back of your head and do one quick vertical twist so the hair makes a mini roll. Pin the roll with body pins where it meets the head with u-shaped hairpins by pushing them in and down. Spray the top with a light hold spray to keep flyways down.

Polished Ponytail
Set off an intricate gown with a low ponytail. To get the look, make a 2” deep side part lined up over the center of the eye and sweep the hair by bringing it slightly forward and then across the forehead. Brush all the hair into a low ponytail and secure at the nape of the neck. Take hair from the ponytail and curl 1-2” sections by winding them around a 2” curling iron. Shake the curls out with your fingers then spray the entire head with a light hold spray, which will hold the curls and give grip to the hair so the headband has something to hold onto. Tie on the headband and wind extra ribbon around the base of the ponytail and cut off the excess. Rub 1-2 drops of shine serum between your palms and run them along the exposed hair on top of your head for extra gleam.

Sleek and Straight
Sliding on a gorgeous floral headband ups the glamour factor of simple strands. To create a balanced look, place your hair accessory opposite the side part. The key to this look is in a great blow out, so prep towel-dried hair with Kérastase Volumactive Mousse and blow it dry section by section with a large round brush for smoothness. Next create a 3-inch deep part lined up with the center of your eyebrow, then sweep the hair to one side and pin it behind the ear. A flower headband keeps the style from being too casual and stylist Matthew Monzon says to keep hair accessories or flowers on the sweeping side so the focus stays in one place “instead of having the two sides competing with each other.” Keep some smoothing cream on hand to smooth any flyaways that pop up throughout the day.

Faux Bob
Get a shorter look for your big day without committing to a cut. Prep damp hair with a nickel size amount of smoothing cream for coarse hair or a volumizing spray if you have fine hair. Blow dry with a round brush for smoothness, lifting at the roots to build volume. Make a short 1-1.5” deep part and brush the hair from the crown back and down the back of the head. Roll under sections of hair from the bottom up around your fingers (act like your fingers are a curling iron) until you reach the bottom of the head, and then pin the rolls just above the nape of the neck with bobby pins. Let chin-length layers fall out to make the bob look natural and finish with a light mist of shine spray. Keep a stash of bobby pins on-hand during the reception.


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