Wednesday, June 3, 2009


NICO HERE!! I am so excited to share Jeannie and John's wedding with you. These are some of my most favorite shots. ( there will be more to come) It was a very hot palm springs day at The EPIC Parker Hotel. These kinds of days STRESS me and my flowers out!! After hours of babying my precious blooms, everything was a successful KNOCK out. (The flowers were fine Im just over dramatic.. he he) I had so much fun with this wedding. Jeannie and John were cool, hip and open to awesome crazy "Nico" ideas. Visual properities such as gold bird cages, authentic vintage milk glass (from the 50's), carnation garlands, gold birds, cut limes, gold branches, and rhynstone buckles were some of the few eye catchers. Flowers used were, coral and blush peony, pale yellow and pink tulips, orange ranunculous, pale pink hydrangea, and orange cymbidium orchids. WE HAD A BLAST!!!

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