Friday, June 12, 2009

I'M IN LOVE by jasmine schoch

How To Get The Girl Of Your Dreams

Ok guys here is a blog entry specifically for the men who are desperately trying to come up with unique ideas of how to sweep the love of their life off her feet and get that "YES!" answer to the oh so famous, "Will you marry me?" question. I came across this article in my search for an engagement story to share with you all and thought it was worth sharing.

Here is a list of ideas of how to pop the question so that she can't possibly say "No."

• Organize a demonstration
Stand up for your right to marry her! You will need your friends’ help for this one. Assemble all your friends, make them hold some “marry me” or “marry him” banners and start marching around her neighborhood; stop outside her house and make a lot of noise. She will hear you sooner or later. As soon as she gets out, do you really think she could say “no” with all her friends and neighbors staring at you both?

• Do it with a short movie.
Make a short movie of your story. If you don’t have many videos of you, just hide a camera in your house and film some every day stuff you do together. It must have it all: kisses, fights, discussions. Then, find a movie theater and ask as a favor to play your movie. Ask her to go to the movies together and also tell her friends and family to come to the cinema with you. End your movie with the phrase: I want this forever…will you marry me?

• Elopement
You have sure heard of elopement as a sudden and secret marriage with no guests. In the past, the man used to elope with his wife (he used to actually kidnap her from her house) in order to get married without her parent’s permission. What I am suggesting is a modern version of that. As soon as you have every detail of your marriage arranged, you will have a couple of friends kidnap her in her sleep and bring her to you; where will you be? In a pretty quiet church of course, standing in a suit in the front door. All you have to do is kneel and ask her.
Don’t choose that way unless your girlfriend has a lot of humor and strong nerves.

• Send her intimidating letters.
What will she think if she starts receiving letters like:
You have 5 days left
You have 4 days left
You have 3 days left
You have 2 days left.
You have 1 day left as a single woman. Will you marry me?
She will probably panic, try to calm her down; tell her it is nothing, maybe a silly joke… Do not let her call the police!

• On air!
She must have a favorite radio broadcast right? Something that she listens to when she is cooking or taking her bath? Imagine her surprise when one run-of-the-mill day she listens to your proposal. And then, there comes your song. Just, make sure you are around! You can also surprise her in every day routine. For example, write “will you marry me?” in her coffee cup and let her see as soon as she will drink her coffee. Just avoid stereotypes like writing your proposal in the mirror using her $50 lipstick.

• Don’t ask her
Instead, let her favorite celebrity ask her on your behalf. Is her favorite band coming to town? Find them a couple of days before the concert and arrange the details. They will probably say yes. After all, you are a romantic man in love. But, will she?

• Tell her with a huge public note!
Print her picture in a really large size and post it in the subway station she goes every day. As soon as she enters, she will notice that everyone give her strange look or mischievous smiles. Maybe because there is a huge picture of her in the platform and that says “will you marry me on it?” while she is still stand stop hiding and go to her. Clapping may not let you hear her “yes” so read her lips!


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