Saturday, August 29, 2009

Congrats to Jill and Ryan!!!-Nico

A few weeks past I had the amazing opportunity to provide the floral decor for an amazing couple, Jill and Ryan! They were so sweet, and I really enjoyed working with them. When Jill first came to our office and sat down for a consult, she started looking through our portfolios and noticing how 'structured' all our bouquets were. She looked up and me and asked
" Do you only do structured arrangements like this?" I laughed and replied
"Honey, I will do whatever you want me to do."
We had a nice laugh and she described that she liked arrangements "messy" and hand picked, but still balanced. I had a great time with this wedding cause I didn't have to be structured I could loosen up a bit. She found love in colors from dahlias, yellow roses, sunflowers and the deep plum of mini calla Lilly. This is also an example of a wedding that we just provided floral for, which is just one of our many services. Jill was married on the shoreline bluffs with the reception at the beach front Marmonte Hotel. I LOVE working with this hotel cause EVERYONE is SOOOOO nice and accommodating. They also coordinated her ceremony as one of their wedding packages
Jill Back from their honeymoon and posted this super sweet message on our facebook wall:

Jill Miller Turner August 26 at 8:22pm
Hi, how are you? Wish I could have seen you on our wedding day. Ryan and I loved the flowers. Everything was just beautiful. I loved my bouquet. That was truly amazing. And the other color combinations of flowers were awesome as well. The arch looked soooo good. I honestly was like shocked at how beautiful it turned out. Everything was amazing! Thank you so much... you are the best. I will post some pics soon. :) Take care...

Here are few snap shots taken by guests and wedding - So fun!

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