Friday, August 7, 2009

I'M IN LOVE by jasmine schoch

Weirdest Ways People Have Proposed - Skipping the Diamond Engagement Rings

Finding the person you want to settle down with for the rest of your life is one of the most important things you will ever have to do. People find all sorts of ways to ask “Will You Marry Me” and it doesn’t always include diamond engagement rings. You can come up with some really creative and original ideas when it comes to proposing and save yourself a handsome sum on the cost of diamond jewelry. Here are some of the unique ways people have popped the question.

1) This one is pretty interesting. Most of us wouldn’t think a funeral as much of a place to ask someone to marry them, but that is exactly how one man decided to propose to his girlfriend. This story was entered into a contest that was looking to find the world’s most romantic marriage proposals. Apparently, the man was standing in front of his brother’s casket and in order to share this special moment with him, he decided to ask her then for her hand in marriage.

2) Another odd marriage proposal was made by a man who said he would marry his girlfriend, but only on the condition that she first go through the Army Reserves. According to him, joining the army would improve her self-esteem.

3) This one is just hilarious. A guy decided that he would write his girlfriend a note asking her to marry him. Sound kind of lame? Not even a pair of diamond earrings or anything? But just guess where he put the note… There probably couldn’t be any less of a romantic place to put it, but, to each their own. When the girlfriend went to change her daughter’s diaper, sure enough, there it was. (Hopefully the diaper wasn’t too dirty.)

4) What about thinking someone wants to marry you and then finding out they want to break up. Well that is exactly what happened to one woman. The Onion put out an article in February of 2003, when they heard Amanda Gentry’s story. Her boyfriend Wilson Crandall had been acting vey strangely and erratic with her. He was in law school and studying for the bar exam. He told her that once school was over he had something important to talk to her about; something that concerned their future. Having been together for many years, she thought that the time was finally coming to move forward in their relationship. Well, you just imagine the surprise she got when the “talk” finally did occur and he told her that the relationship was over.


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