Monday, August 10, 2009

GIRLY MONDAYS by jasmine schoch

Looking great and feeling good is what all brides want on their Wedding Day-and with the most perfectly applied bridal makeup, any bride can be princess for a day! Therefore, care must be taken to ensure that bridal makeup is distinctly different from everyday makeup and makes the bride stand out in the crowd in the most flattering way possible. Good bridal makeup actually begins from a pre-bridal phase with facial care and necessary skin and hair treatments followed to set the stage for D-Day.

Essentials of Bridal Makeup:

Bridal makeup is important to the bride and her family since it must be such that highlights her beauty and charm and also be ‘photo-friendly’ so that the family can have memorable pictures of the occasion. The correct use of colors and expert highlighting, contouring and shading can help a bride look stunning and dazzle the guests and groom alike. Cosmetics chosen for bridal makeup therefore, needs be long lasting, easy to blend in and allow for use along with a touch of shimmer and gloss to make the bride truly outshine the others!

Choosing Bridal Makeup Products:

-For those brides that are not accustomed to makeup on a regular basis, a departure from the norm may be a bit of a hassle; however, a light application of makeup can help them look naturally beautiful and warmly appealing.

-Luminescent cosmetics are quite the rage currently and a great bridal makeup enhancer, used as they are to add to the natural glow of the lady in question.

-Application of concealer and foundation should be slow and practiced as these are the base for good photographic quality on the wedding day. Flawed skin and hastily applied foundation can show up in close-up shots and ruin what could have been a great photographic memory.

-Summer brides would do well to spray the face with sealer after application of foundation, blush, eye and lip makeup as this will help it last longer.

-A great lip-tip to make lip color last longer is to first apply foundation over the lips, use lip liner to define them and then apply the lip color. Wait a minute or two to dab extra color off with one touch of a clean tissue and reapply it, touching up with a sealer and possibly a dot of shimmer at the center of the lips!

-The color of the eyebrows must match with the bride’s hair color. Gray ash blondes can use ash brown shade to cover their eyebrows while redheads can use reddish brown shades or orange or gold tones depending upon the undertone of their hair.

-Loose or pressed powder is a great touch-up and stabilizing factor for bridal makeup if it is in the same skin tone as the foundation/concealer.

-If mascara is to be applied, ensure it is the waterproof kind.

-For a sun-kissed look, apply a touch of blush to the forehead, sides and top of the nose, finishing off with a curving stroke.


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