Monday, August 17, 2009

GIRLY MONDAYS by jasmine schoch

There's a reason it's called blush, not embarrass ;-)

You see models and actresses and friends with slightly highlighted cheekbones. How do they get that so perfectly? Like in most things in life, there is an art to makeup too. This is the art of applying blusher, which are going to be revealed here. By using blusher, you can create an illusion to highlight your best features and even change your facial shape.

Here’s how you should go about it:

Blush is usually the last of all your cosmetics that you will use on your face, while doing your makeup. How you use this varies from different face shapes. Using the blusher right can make your face look longer, wider or as you like it.
First, find a color that matches your cheeks when they are red after a workout. If you don’t know what shade that is, slap yourself on the cheek and choose the color that emerges. The rule of thumb is that fair skin matches with rose, olive with peach and dark skin with apricot.

With the shade in hand, choose the right formula for your skin type. For oily and combination skin, powder is best and cream for dry skin. Liquid and gel are ideal for oily skin. Now, combine cream and powder and you will find your blush stays on longer and has sheen.

Now, apply foundation, eye color and lipstick. While blush is the last but one step you go through before applying powder, it’s necessary for you to experiment with what’s best for you.

How to use:

1. Dab blush on your brush and tap off any excess.

2. Smile into the mirror and see where the apple of your cheek is.

3. Keep the color of your blush light and blended. It is also good to dab it on with your middle finger, then blend with your ring and middle fingers. Experts say that the cleaner finger picks up any excess blush.

4. If you think you’ve used excess powder blush, cover it with a little translucent powder or if you’ve used cream blush, blot it off with a tissue. Remember that gel and liquid blush ‘stain’ the cheeks, so lighten it by washing your face, then moisturize and reapply your makeup, but this time use very little makeup.

5. Now, add a layer of translucent powder.

Here’s a tip: Dab a little bronzer powder on your forehead, chin and nose before you apply blush. This will give you a sun-kissed sheen. Use a big brush and a very light hand to ensure it doesn’t come through like a stripe. If you have a dark skin tone, try a caramel-color bronzer along with a yellow-based blush.


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