Monday, February 9, 2009

Green with Envy

Carnations have a bad Rap, but I'm obsessed with this one!!! Green carnations are so fun. As a lot of you know (or maybe you don't know) green flowers are very hard to come by. I get bored with proposing and designing with the same ones... Green orchids, green callas, green roses, Bla!

I think the green carnation will add fabulous color and texture to centerpieces and maybe even boutonnieres???? I love new flowers and think this one is a great find. Boy, has it come a long way from the dyed ones they sell at Conroy's for St. Paddy's Day. :)


  1. may i ask where you found green carnations? i am doing a green/white/black deal for my wedding in august and love the look of a poofy bunch of carnations ........... thanks!!

  2. Plus they're the secret symbol for Oscar Wilde's followers, which makes them even cooler...