Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, I'm in New York. Yes , I made it here safe despite of what most of you think about my travel abilities. Before I start blogging about my trip, I have to tell you a little about my flight out here. It was a TOTAL freak plane (biggest freak being Nico of course hah) Okay, so our pilot was 1.5 hours late due to sleeping in, and we found this out AFTER we boarded the plane. The flight attendants would NOT let us off. All 188 passengers, including actor Jimmy Fallen (and entourage), members of the Gay Men's chorus, Six dancers from Cirque du Soleil, eight orthodox Jews, and ME practiced their trade to fill the time. Needless to say it was a long hour and a half.


  1. New York sounds fun and so does the flight! Blog love, Ronnie

  2. Wow any autographs???? What a nightmare! Glad you got there! Love the passenger list though! Love you hon! T.

  3. Did you sing with the chorus, eat kosher food with the Jews & trade acting tips with Jimmy?xoxo