Friday, February 6, 2009

Lost without the "L" train

After visiting with Ruby and Ari I attempted to make my way back to Manhattan, however Brooklyn just was not ready to see me go. Leaving the lofts I found myself strolling empty, lonely deserted, dark streets trying to find my way back to the Subway station. I took a wrong turn somewhere had no idea where I was! My feet were killing me (from walking 14 miles earlier today), and the 13 degree freezing weather was starting to get to me. Block after block was still and person less. After several blocks I found a homeless man and asked him for directions. He was so nice and told me exactly how to get there without any hesitation. I did not know how to thank him, but to give him cash. I stuck my metro card into the machine and pushed the gate to get into the station. Much to my distress the gate locked. I had just used up my last ride on my card and there were no ticket booths to be seen. I sat there in the cold, wet, dark station trying to hold back my tears. I reached in my back pocket for my phone to call Ruby and quickly discovered that my phone was dead. Scared and frustrated I waited patiently trying to come with some sort of plan to return to my beloved Manhattan. As my mind raced, a young gentleman arrived, saw my discomfort and offered me his card. I feel so blessed to have met such genuine people in New York. People say "New Yorker's are rude." I would have to disagree.


  1. the angels are with you, my son...xoxo

  2. Sounds like you were very fortunate to come across some helpful people. I would've been absolutely terrified.